Active Shooter Response Training: Free Public Event

TuesdayApril 257pm
Price: FREE
This Seminar Provides Participants With The Knowledge, Techniques, and Skills That Will Best Equip Them to Survive an Active Shooter Incident


Active Shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Because most incidents occur within minutes, the survival of individuals often depends on preparation and their ability to respond. The average duration of an ASI is five minutes, while the average police entry response time is ten minutes. After-Action studies have clearly shown that in many incidents of this type, a number of victims died when the means to survive was available to them. Education, preparedness, training, and awareness are keys to surviving any Active Shooter Incident.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be familiar with:
• Prevention and Preparation Techniques and Procedures
• Necessity and preparations of developing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
• How to recognize indicators of an active shooter before an incident occurs
• Known behavior patterns of active shooters before and during an incident
• Employing Situational Alertness and proper Immediate Response Procedures
• Actions to take when confronted with an active shooter (Run – Hide – Fight)
• Effective response procedures and tactics for escaping, evading and responding
• Emergency Tactical Response
• Establishing and Using Safe Rooms
• Correct responsive actions upon arrival of law enforcement personnel.


Don Longo is licensed by the Department of State, State of New York, as a Private Investigator. Don retired from the Suffolk County Police Department after more than thirty years of service and experience in law enforcement and personal security, he has trained and worked with agents of the FBI and the United States Secret Service. He was the recipient of numerous awards and citations and attained the rank of Sergeant. Don is also a proud Veteran of the Unites States Military, having served honorably with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force between 1968 and 1972.

Mr. Longo provides clients with services that include threat assessment and management, investigative and security consulting, and executive protection services.  He is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert in domestic and international anti-crime techniques and Active Shooter Incident Survival Training.  Since 2012 Don has trained thousands in how to survive an Active Shooter Incident and has provided instruction at schools, corporations, places of worship, and private organizations.  He is considered the leading expert in his field in the New York area.

Don Longo specializes in anti-crime tactics and techniques, active shooter incident response and planning, threat assessment, international travel safety, and personal security consulting.  Longo presents seminars and workshops on effective and safe response tactics and techniques to be used when confronted with a violent situation. Attendees are taught how to best survive an Active Shooter Incident, the importance of employing Situational Awareness, methods of lowering one’s target profile, and ways to become a “hard target” in order to discourage an attack. Don also offers workshops in conflict management through “Conflict Management Through Language & Demeanor” techniques and methods that teach students to utilize tactical presence and language to control situations when engaged in verbal conflict. He has given seminars for professional security officers, police, corporations, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and the general public.

Price: FREE
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