SaturdayJuly 88PM
Price: $59 – $69
Classic Zeppelin Live!


For those of you who want to experience a live Led Zeppelin show, dream no more! Kashmir is one of the top internationally touring Led Zeppelin tribute bands – capturing the live performance and raw energy of a real Zeppelin show.

Time and time again, audience members say they felt as if they went back in time to a Led Zeppelin concert that they attended or younger members of the audience say it was the closest experience that they will ever get to a Live Led Zeppelin performance.

Yes, the singer looks and sounds a lot like Robert Plant and the band shares the authenticity, appearance and sound of the great Led Zeppelin; but more importantly, the band wants to share the energy and the experience that Led Zeppelin created while on tour. The band calls it “The Zone” and they want everyone to share that same electromagnetic experience after leaving a Kashmir show like so many Zep fans did in the past…


• Please be advised that your tickets are specific to the table only. This means that, while you have secured your presence at the table of your choice, the seats you occupy are based on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.
• All tickets are final sale. There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges. Should the performance be canceled or rescheduled for any reason, patrons will be contacted by the Box Office.
• If you are looking for an enhanced show experience when planning small gatherings, special occasions, anniversaries, etc., feel free to ask the box office about our Skybox room rental.

Price: $59 – $69
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