Judy Collins – DUO HITS

FridayJuly 128pm
Price: $89 - $129
A Luminary In Music For Over Five Decades


Judy Collins has consistently showcased a discerning taste in songcraft. From her influential 1967 album “Wildflowers” to her latest release “Spellbound,” she has cultivated a reputation for curating poignant collections and evolving into a poetic songwriter. “Spellbound,” her 55th release, represents a significant milestone as it marks the first time she has penned all the songs on one of her albums. With its introspective and impressionistic essence, the album serves as a retrospective of Judy’s life, weaving together moments both grand and intimate, reminiscent of a museum exhibit curated by the artist herself. Drawing inspiration from her experiences, Judy’s lyricism paints vivid portraits of her past, from the vibrant Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s to the serene landscapes of her Colorado upbringing. Through her unwavering commitment to storytelling and social activism, Judy infuses her music with depth and resonance, creating an album that resonates with both beauty and introspection.

Supported by a team of seasoned musicians, including co-producer Alan Silverman and guitarist Ari Hest, Judy brings her vision to life with a blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation, complementing her timeless vocals. 

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Price: $89 - $129
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